Hello world! winging it!

18 03 2008

hello world! keeping to design intergrity, while trying to stay interesting.

first one needs a plan of action to suit your intentions. in order for ones plan to start one needs to know ones intentions. theres where i fell short in this, my maiden voyage into the already chartered seas of webblogging.

so if i could stop picking my nose & concentrate on my intentions, i could map out a plan. something the designers of parliament house in canberra never did. they were steadfast in the idea that picking could only begin after the plan was decided on.

i could never decide on one theme, for which my chosen site would have. so i finally decided to just wing it. but dont get me wrong i am ready to wing it, & i do believe in design integrity. its just my intentions that make this a very broard plan of attack into the world of webblogging.

the design of parliament house in canberra was thoughtfully implimented. in that it was built into the landscape. which ties well into the design walter burley griffin had for canberra. so it sat well & complimented its environment to the enth degree.

now in the world of webblogging there is a vast array of themes one can choose from. so its already one of those vastly overpopulated cities, that everyone seems to rave about. i dare say the theme of winging it is already there. so its decided-my theme is going to be WINGING IT!




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