Living in & with the world.

21 03 2008

 Imagine if the world promised it would be there for you forever. So, is it up to the world to adjust to you & your decisions all the time, in order to carry out that promis? I dont think so! in order to be together you both have to make sacrifices. a little give & take!

As the human race, i see us as a collective taking from this partnership we have with the world. more take than give, to give a balanced view point, or is it unbalanced?

I personally have changed over the years. i recycle as a rule now-foregoing the comfort of throwing every bit of waste into one trash can. I sort & seperate, then once a month travel to recycling station. for over ten years i have made this a habbit. Over the past 5 years i have been increasingly concerned over the amount of oil we use on this planet-its a crying shame!

So what can i do to minimise my usage of oil? Well dont use my car when its absolutely not necessary. Maybe even get rid of it! am i ready to make that sacrifice? Honestly, i dont think i am at this stage of my life. Im sorry world, i guess its you who has to make the sacrifice in this instance. To be continued…..




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