moving on, or not?

16 04 2008

I often sit above or to the side of myself and observe the wrong decisions that take me down the road of damnation. A fault of mine is sitting in a rutt and not seeing the big picture, seeing problems when the answers are right there in front of me.

Makes me wonder as people die and move on, why do we who are left behind in the physical world stop and whollow? I imagine their spirits sitting there in the same room trying to influence us to take the right path. Their effect on the physical world is that of energy. Which in turn is enterpreted by us here incorrectly most of the time.

Im no expert on this, but i guess its a very small percentage of the human race who are open to the spiritual world. most of us are too wrapped up in our own little worlds, dulling our senses.

We could learn a great deal from the spiritual world and in turn ourselves.





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