World Food Programme, hunger bytes.

5 09 2008

Are you satisfied every meal? I am. My situation isnt in crisis! I have a roof over my head & i know where my meal next meal is coming from. There is no natural disaster to contend with in my part of the globe.

The world Food Programme sees to it that people less fortunate than i, get a meal & more.

Nearly half of Americas food never gets eaten! What about the rest of the worlds statistics? Its bound to be frightening! These numbers alone are enough to spur you into action arent they?

The World Food Programme provided school meals & or take home rations to 20.2 million children in 71 countries in 2006. These statistics alone are alarming. Imagine the rest of the worlds statistics combined.

Is there something you can do? My aoth therte is! Anyone can visit and donate money. Its a course beyond myself, how about you?




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