California is all you need!

24 07 2009

Traveling in California, they say is the best part of America to travel in.
More than the odd person i have come across have all said “you dont need to go anywhere else in America.”


I have based myself at a good friends house in San Francisco & boy am i happy with this small city. Small enough to walk the breadth of comfortably in a day. One will walk through beautiful parks, fishermans wharf with a tourist/local feel, where Alcatraz looks on to the city forlornly. There is mexican feel through the mission, China town, Japan town, hippie area on Height St, numerous clubs & pubs & restaraunts to fill your stomach & entertain you. Just last night I was witness to a fantastic live jazz show at Joshi’s SF in the Fillmore jazz area, by “Shotgun wedding hip-hop symphony”. I’m not really a jazz fan, but now i’m a jazz hip-hop fan-absolutely fantastic! Tomorrow night i will be filming an interview with Jonny Love Hammersmith before & after his bands gig. His band is called ‘Sonic Love Tonic’. The gig is happening at “Mighty” in San Francisco, in the quarter finals of a Battle of the bands. You can find more info on Jonny Love Hammersmith here

Tonight we will get a dose of baseball, where the stadium looks out over the ocean. I will be sure to document my experience of Americas national sport on camera.

To be continued….




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25 07 2009

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging Mr. Zone50. You’ve been bookmarked and RSSed. Jazz Hip-hop (aka Jazzrap) combo is a truly great form of music, glad you’ve discovered it. You might wanna check out Miles Davis’ whole last album, anything by the Dream Warriors and some of The Roots has a little Jazz tone too. <—– a blog I dedicate my entire musical wealth of knowledge to.

25 07 2009

Hey Heather Maria. Thank you for your warm welcome into the blogasphere. Bookmarking & rss-ing is something i need to learn how to do. Thank you for reading.

I tell you what, the live Jazzrapp is awesome, or these guys were anyway. Might just check out a little Miles Davis.

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