While i was in America.

24 07 2009

Writing his first story.

I could have spent my money on a multiple plethera of goodies, while i was abroard. Considering the fact i live in Sweden where you pay more than twice as much for just about everything.
But i decided to to buy my son his first laptop. I put myself into a little more debt by doing so, but the look on his face when he set his eyes on it was priceless-for me, will be for life!

Its kind of a scary thing letting him loose on a computer, especially loose on the interwebs. But i intend to keep the fatherly strings at close hand. My intentions are to encourage his enthusiasm for the spoken word. Yes he does have enthusiasm for language! Of which i am grateful for, something i never had as a child. I love the idea of encouragement to think for yourself, when it comes to the spoken word.

I actually did buy myself some goodies, Levis are half the price as they are in Sweden. I upgraded my camera so that it is as close to HD as possible, without actually being HD, the oblogatary T-shirts & caps & of course, alcohol, which is at least three times as expensive in Sweden.

Thank you for reading my post, its been a pleasure. Until next time, Stay Creative, BC.




2 responses

25 07 2009

First laptop giddy-ness FTW!!! Any new tech is always exciting. Will your son be sharing his story’s with the loosey interwebular netizens?

What camera did you end up going with?

26 07 2009

Hey Jordan, thanks for reading. Yeah he loves it. You would love this- that he wants to write stories on it. So far i give him a subject & he fills in the gaps on the laptop-I love it! I dont know about him sharing on the interwebs just yet, but who knows, in the future?!

I didnt buy a new cam, just upgraded the lenses & bought a fat ass battery to last hours & hours. The lenses help steady the picture & in combination with the pixels i have in cam brings it to pretty close to HD. cheers BC.

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