Words of thorns are only words!??

31 07 2009

If your words are designed with thorns, do not take my silence as golden.
Its only contemplation & navigation through your thorns.
My book reads, the mountains belong to everyone.
Wrong & injustice ignites my attourney flame.
The crops of nourishment grow in the peoples valley.
Where love, strength & hope are digested.
& so are transferred to a heart as large as you’ve invested.
Everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you.

This was a reaction to a 13 year old giving me hate for a video i did about 2 years ago. I was hurt, big time! Angry even! Where were his parents? I checked him out. The videos he posted were of him harrassing people on the street. He got off on scaring people & annoying them.

You could go as far as to say I took it as a personal attack. I now do not get so affected by such childish behaviour on the internet. Brushing it off my shoulder is very easy now-iv’e come to realise its a waste of energy.

Stay creative, BC.




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