Getting down to the tooth of it.

13 08 2009

The Tooth Fairy appeared out of no where. Fortunately while Little Jack was in deep sombre. Big Tom watched him through a hole in the floorboards of the attic. He watched him place Jacks tooth in a silver locket hanging around his neck. Then he placed a small gold nugget in the glass of water beside the bed. Tom caught a glimpse of his side profile, he thought it looked strange. On account of the great big mole on his nose, which made it look three times as big. Then without warning the Tooth Fairy disappeared in a cloud of gold dust. Tom blinked twice as if in disbelief in what he saw.

Jack awoke the next morning with a fright. Toms face was just centimetres away from his own. Tom ignored Jacks surprise and said “I haven’t slept a wink all night! With a great big smile on his face. “Did you have fun watching me sleep?!” Said Jack, rubbing his eyes. “I know something you don’t!” Tom remarked. “Of course you do, you were awake all night.” “Precisely! Something mysterious happened right where I’m standing last night.” Said Tom. “I’ll say! I find it very mysterious how you can sit and watch me sleep all night.” Added Jack. “No dummy! A cloud of gold dust, a nugget, a locket and a huge mole on his nose!” Tom said excitedly. “You really do need some sleep Tom. What mumbo jumbo are you going on about!” “Check your glass, check your glass!” Tom blurted out. Jack peered over his pillow and exclaimed “Where’s my tooth? Has he been here? What is that, did he change my tooth into a gold nugget?” “Even better, he took your tooth and put it in a silver locket then disappeared in a cloud of gold dust.” “What?” Asked Jack. “Even better, he took .. “I heard, I heard!” interrupted Jack. “But before he disappeared, he dropped that gold nugget in you glass.” Said Tom pointing at the nugget. “Wow, this is bigger than Zoom, Tom!” Said Jack as he threw the nugget from one hand to the other.
“I cant wait to tell Mum and Dad this awesome news.” “No, no, no! Don’t you want to meet him?” Said Tom. “What’s that got to do with the price of eggs in China?” “Well think about it. Mum and Dad will get worried that there was this mysterious Tooth Fairy with a huge ugly mole on his nose in the house.” Tom explained. “Well yeah, dummy! Mum put the tooth in the glass for me last night, they knew he was coming.” “Tom knocked on Jacks head and said “Hello, is there anyone in there? Grown ups don’t believe in the Tooth Fairy!” Said Tom. “You really do need some sleep Tom.”
“Look! You have another loose tooth right? “Well yeah, its about to come out any day now!” Jack explained. “Well, lets use that tooth to meet this gold dust Tooth Fairy. What do ya say?” “Um… ok, but can I still tell Mum and Dad?” Asked Jack.
“No, no!…. Oh, I better explain” Said Tom. “Too right, you better! This is big news!”

To be continued!…………




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