Getting down to the tooth of it. Part 2.

15 08 2009

Story continued from “Getting down to the tooth of it.”

“You see I believe grown ups don’t believe in the Tooth Fairy. When the grown ups forget to change the tooth for money, the Tooth Fairy comes along and does his thing.”
“So why did Mum put the tooth in the glass of water beside my bed then, if she doesn’t believe? You have huge holes in your story Tom!”  “Because deep down and way back in their mind, they really do believe, they just don’t know it.” “You are crackers Tom!” Remarked Jack. “Jack if we tell them I saw the Tooth Fairy, they will freak. And we wont get a chance to meet him again! You have to trust me on this one Jack.” “Oh,. all right.” Said Jack.  “Cross your heart?” Asked Tom. “Yeah, yeah. Cross my heart, on the ninth cats die, stick a needle in my eye!” Jack finally concedes. “So shall we pull it out with a string, so we can meet him tonight, Tom?” “No way! He doesn’t come when you cheat that way. We have to wait till it falls out naturally!” Says Tom. “But that could take a week Tom.” “Yes and it could take a day, you never know. In the mean time we have to make a plan.” “I want to stay awake this time!” Said Jack. “But he definitely wont come then. He waits till the one who has lost the tooth, is in deep sleep.” Says Tom. “Ok! But you have to promise to wake me up Tom.” “Oh never fear, that is how I plan on meeting him.” “But how will you do that? Jack asked. “With the sling shot I got for my birthday this year.” Tom said. “You mean you are going to shoot me with stones while I’m asleep?” Asked Jack. “No , you probably wont wake up. You will just roll over in your sleep.” Tom said. “Yeah, and it would most likely hurt, Tom!” “I reckon mini water balloons breaking on your head would do the trick. But I have to get you the very first shot.”
“Oh wow Tom! Awesome, if it works.” “So we need to hide this nugget and tell Mum and Dad you lost your loose tooth, if they ask.” Said Tom. “But I don’t want to lie Tom!” “But they just wont understand if we tell them the truth Jack.” “Oh all right then.” Agreed Jack.

So over the next couple of days Tom and Jack practiced their routine and plan to meet the Tooth Fairy, until Toms aim was perfect and Jack grew tired of mini water balloons splashing on his head.

Jack got into a fight at school after the school bully decided to take his skate board, he rides home on everyday. Fortunately Tom came to his rescue and the first thing Tom asked was “Have you still got your loose tooth?” “I believe so.” As Jack said these words, he spat out blood and his tooth involuntarily. “Oh no!” Exclaimed Jack. “Its all right, the Tooth Fairy will still come.” “But we cheated Tom!”  “No silly. You didn’t mean to take it out. All will be fine, you’ll see.” Comforted Tom.

Early that night Tom and Jack set the water balloons and sling shot ready in the attic. “Jack can you promise not to tell Mum and Dad about your loose tooth now?” “Ok, ok.” Conceded Jack. “That way we can be sure the Tooth Fairy will come tonight.” Said Tom. “But Mum will want to look for the tooth in my mouth for sure Tom”
“Don’t worry, I will distract her. It will run like clock work, you’ll see.”

As soon as Tom was certain Jack was asleep, he slipped out of bed and up into the attic to take his snipers position. He could see perfectly with Jacks night light shining on the glass of water holding Jacks tooth, right through to Jacks head snoring away. Just like the other night. He thought to himself (this could take a while. Everything is set up perfect though, just have to stay awake.) Half an hour went by, but it felt like an hour. Two hours passed and it felt like a whole day, and yet he was still awake.
Then like a light being turned on, the Tooth Fairy appeared! Mystique surrounded this figure shining through a golden light, that seemed to shine through the pores of his skin. Tom readied himself, sling shot loaded. He knew he didn’t have long, and but one shot. Every second dripped on his hand, leaking from the wet balloon. The Tooth Fairy placed Jacks tooth in his silver locket. Tom strained against the sling shots elastic, waiting for the perfect moment. Then as the Tooth Fairies hand came away from the glass, after dropping the gold nugget, Tom fired! The balloon whizzed past the Tooth Fairies hand and splashed over Jacks head, upon impact. Just as Jack imagined, he woke, sprung upright and blurted out “Thanks for the gold nugget Mr Tooth Fairy!” The Tooth Fairy was lost for words. This had never happened before.

To be continued…..




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