Getting down to the tooth of it. Part 3.

18 08 2009

Continued from “Getting down to the tooth of it. Part 2″…..

He was stuck! He knew now that he had to interact with Jack. The Tooth Fairy wasn’t very good at interacting with people, since his life didn’t include talking with people. He has had to deal with the odd parent in the past, one ending with the police arriving. That day, his timing was a little off, a little like today.
Jack wiped away water from his eyes and said “You have to stay and meet my brother, Tom. Have you collected teeth from Tom as well?” Before he had time to answer, Tom was tugging at the Tooth Fairies jacket. “Yeah, did you collect all my teeth, or is there more Tooth Fairies just like you?” “Ah….ur…” Was all the Tooth Fairy could manage at this stage. “Where do you get all those gold nuggets from? Do you live in a gold mine?” Asked Tom. “So where do you live Mr Tooth Fairy? Do you live in a gold mine or up on a cloud?” Asked Jack. The Tooth Fairy regained his composure and accepted he must begin to talk to these two boys.
“One question at a time, slow down. And the answer clock will chime.” Said the Tooth Fairy. This rhyming verse stopped the boys in their tracks. It was like they were in a trans all of a sudden.
“Yes i have collected teeth from Tom, your brother. Tooth Fairies, is there more than one? The answer is yes there is another, another and more than another.” Said the Tooth Fairy. Tom and Jack stood with their mouths wide open, hanging on every word.
“Where i live is parallel to this earth. You cannot see, touch or feel my home. We call it Mearth.” Tom had questions in his mind but they were locked in silence, listening to the Tooth Fairy.
“There is no rock, water or mountain. I have no chair or bed. My place, I call the joyful fountain.” Said the Tooth Fairy.
The Tooth Fairies skin was oh so white. To Tom and Jack, almost ghostly white, exuding and projecting a golden aura around him. He wore a black top hat and a grey old fashioned suit made out of heavy linen. A fob watch ticked very loudly, tucked into his waist coat pocket. His pants were too short and above his almost clown sized shoes, you could see one green sock and one orange sock. He carried a messenger bag over his shoulder. Jack could see his name inscribed on the locket hanging from the Tooth Fairies neck.
“Is that locket just for my teeth?” Asked Jack. “Why, yes my good man! Every child has their name inscribed. Would you like to hold the locket? Open it. See what’s inside.” Jack held the silver locket with two hands, for it was as heavy as a house brick. As Jack began opening the shiny silver locket, a faint cloud of gold dust powdered his feet. Followed by a bright golden light, which filled every dark spot of the room. Jacks gappy smile filled the Tooth Fairies heart with joy. He knew he had entered un-chartered waters.
Jacks eyes were filled with disbelief and wonderment!
To begin with, the locket seemed bigger inside, than the room they all stood in. The ceiling was a clear blue sky with one white cloud, hanging proudly. In the middle of the room stood four chairs and a kitchen table. Sitting on the table was the biggest steaming stack of pancakes, Jack had ever seen. The wall to the left was green, the wall to the right was orange and the wall straight in front was grey. Along the length of each wall, ran a shelf not more than ten centimetres wide. Hovering over each shelf was a three dimensional hologram of a tooth, spinning slowly. Underneath each tooth was a recording of the precise moment Jack had lost each tooth. Like a video film in mid air, each film seemingly wearing a tooth as a top hat.
“Wow Tom have a look. You can see when and where I lost each tooth. All three!” Tom gazed in wonderment. “Wow Tooth Fairy! Super awesome locket you have here! So does my locket look the same as Jacks?” “On the outside yes. Differences in total are two, but seemingly many! The first is your name inscribed. The second is from your mind, of which are plenty.” Said the Tooth Fairy. He reached into his messenger bag and pulled out a locket and as he handed it to Tom he said, “Be sure to handle with two hands. Contains not only your teeth, but a magical place sacred with gold pans.” As happened with Jacks locket, gold dust sprinkled Toms feet and a golden light filled the room when he opened his locket.
Inside, the ceiling had a light blue tinge and gold dust scattered right across it. At the top of the far wall a gold mine sat atop of a hill. With sparkling gold nuggets spilling out down along a path, leading to a sofa and a coffee table with a great big pavlova filled with cream and fruit, sitting on it. The walls to the right and left were a light green colour. Along the length of each wall also housed the same type of shelves. All of Toms baby teeth were hovering as a three dimensional hologram, slowly spinning above each lost tooth captured on film. “Check it out Jack! My favourite pavlova with heaps of cream and fruit.” Said Tom. “So magic!” Jack exclaimed.

As Jack continued to talk the Tooth Fairy kept an eye on the door knob, for it seemed to be moving. “So Mr Tooth Fairy, can we go with you to see your home?” Precisely when Jack finished saying “home”, the lockets in their hands and the Tooth Fairy disappeared in a cloud of gold dust…..In walked their Mum and Dad!

To be continued!…………




3 responses

18 08 2009

What magic! If only Mum and Dad hadn’t come in.

19 08 2009

What magic! If only Mum and Dad hadn’t come in.
Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

13 03 2010

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