Getting down to the tooth of it. Part 4.

21 08 2009

Continued from “Getting down to the tooth of it. Part 3.”

Gold dust still floating in the air, Tom and Jacks parents rushed into the room, with grave concern written on their faces. “What is going on in here boys?” Said their Mum. “We are just playing!” Said Tom, not even realising the Tooth Fairy had disappeared. Suddenly for Tom and Jack their lockets were as light as a feather. Tom looked at his hands and around him to see where the locket had gone. “Who were you two talking to?” Their father asked. Jack blurted out “The Tooth Fairy Dad! Here, look at my locket,….Tom where has it gone?” Their Mum and Dad looked at each other, trying to hide their smiles. “Oh Mr Tooth Fairy can explain!….Where did he go?” Said Jack. “You two really need to get some sleep. A full day at school tomorrow and I just know Tom, you will be yawning right through your maths lesson tomorrow!” Tom knew she was right, but the Tooth Fairy doesn’t come around everyday. So there they were! From a surreal magical experience, to being sent to bed. Tom just knew that Jack will not be able to hold his tongue, here at home or at school. As their Mum was tucking Jack into bed, he asked “Mum, when did you stop believing in the Tooth Fairy?” “I never stopped believing sweetie.” Said his Mum. “Really?!” “Cross my heart!”
“Did you hear that Tom?!” Jack exclaimed. “Yes, yes I heard Jack.” “Now its time to calm down and settle in for a deep sleep boys, OK!” She demanded. “Yes Mum.” They said together. “night boys.” Said their father. “Good night Dad, good night Mum.” They said together. “Hey Jack, I cant believe he disappeared so quickly, can you?” Said Tom. “No, I really wish he would come back.” “I have a sneaking suspicion he will, sooner or later, Jack. Anyway, Mums right, we do need to get some sleep, good night Jack.” “Yeah I spose you’re right Tom. Good night.”

Over the next month in the absence of the Tooth Fairy, Jack developed a reputation at school for having an over active imagination. Nothing and no one, outside of Tom and his parents, could come anywhere near as wonderful or as excellently magical, as the Tooth Fairy. Tom hoped, wished and prayed the Tooth Fairy would come back. Not only because he wanted to talk with him again, but for Jacks sake.

The Tooth Fairy had resisted coming back. You could say, it was against the Tooth Fairies code of ethics to return without a single tooth to be collected. He felt Tom and Jacks need and anxiety, they needed and wanted to know more. The Tooth Fairy felt obliged to show them a little more. After all, their introduction to a world beyond their own was abruptly cut short. He decided he would go against tradition and return without a tooth mission! He would go to Jack and Toms room and wait, until maybe one of them
stirred and awoke in the middle of the night. He waited and he waited. It is also against their tradition to wake children while they are sleeping. He thought that transgressing this rule would be taking it a little too far. They had not woken and it was too late, the sun was rising. He didn’t want to leave without leaving some message, so he decided on his calling card. He left a little gold dust in his wake.

Tom aimed, and fired! Water splashed all over Jacks head and instinctively he awoke, sprang upwards and said “Welcome back Mr Tooth Fairy.” Tom laughed. “That was funny! Sorry Jack, but he has been here I’m sure! Look at the gold dust on the floor.”
“Oh wow, why didn’t he wake us?” Said Jack as he wiped away water from his brow. “I don’t know. Maybe he wasn’t quite ready to talk to us or maybe he had to collect more teeth.”  Said Tom. “He’s definitely going to come back, I’m sure Tom!”  “I have a feeling we will get to talk to him as well. Do you think you can keep this under wraps Jack?”  What, the gold dust?”  “No dummy, just keep it a secret between you and me, the Tooth Fairy and all.” Said Tom. “Yeah I’m sure I can Tom. No one seems to believe me anyway!”

That morning at the breakfast table: “Tom, you’re in good spirits and Jack I haven’t seen you with such a spring in your step, for at least two weeks.” Remarked their Mum. “By the way, have either of you two found Jacks teeth that he lost?” Tom and Jack looked at each other, then Tom said “No we haven’t.” Tom didn’t feel good about avoiding the truth, one bit.

To be continued…………




2 responses

22 08 2009

Poor Jack! He and Tom have had the most amazing experience in the world, but just telling about it discredits him! Arrrgh!

23 08 2009
Blog my death 2 life.

yeah tell me about it, Betty. so unfair for poor Jack.

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