Getting down to the tooth of it. Part 5.

31 08 2009

Continued from “Getting down to the tooth of it. Part 4” 17 march first tooth fallen out. 003_0003

That day was a very long day for Tom and Jack. Not only full of anticipation for the return of the Tooth Fairy, but after school Tom had rehearsals for the school play and Jack had football training. They had decided Tom will wait up in the attic again because that’s the only way Tom is able to stay awake. They figured they are bound to meet the Tooth Fairy again if one of them is awake.
After their Dad had tucked them into bed and said good night: “Aren’t you going up to the attic now Tom?” “I’ll have to wait Jack, because Mum and Dad will hear me if I go now.” Said Tom. “Oh good thinking.” Said Jack. “I’ll lie here for a bit, then I will scoot on up.”
“Ok, I’m really tired Tom, make sure you wake me when he comes. Good night Tom.” Said Jack through the biggest yawn. “Yeah not a problem Jack.” Tom thought he would lie there for an hour, then go up to the attic. After half an hour he drifted off to sleep. An hour went passed and he was in deep sleep. At about midnight the Tooth Fairy appeared through a cloud of gold dust. He stood there watching the gold dust settle on Tom and Jacks hair. This time he wasn’t going to waste time waiting for them to wake. He reached into his messenger bag and pulled out a handful of the smallest gold nuggets he could find and started gently dropping them on Toms chest.
Tom was fending off bullets and the ones he missed bounced off his chest like it was made of steel. A bullet hit his hand and suddenly he was jolted out of sleep and dream and saw the Tooth Fairies mole staring down at him. At that very moment he realised the bullets were the Tooth Fairies gold nuggets.
“Tooth Fairy! I knew you would come back!” The Tooth Fairy smiled, pressed his finger to his lips, gesturing to be quiet and turned to Jack. Tom knew he meant to wake Jack and help calm Jacks excitement down, so they didn’t wake the whole neighbourhood. Tom leaned on Jacks shoulder and gently shook it. Jack sprang upright! With Toms hand placed over his mouth he gave a muffled “Welcome back Mr Tooth Fairy.”
“Why thank you both.
But if you want to see the home I live in,
You must grab your coat.
Move quickly and quietly, without a din!”
“Are we really? Are we really going parallel to your world?” asked Jack. The Tooth Fairy nodded. “But my coat is in the hallway.” Said` Jack. The Tooth Fairy looked to Tom and Tom said “So is mine, but we can have our dressing gowns and slippers right, Tooth Fairy?”
“You can both call me Mr T, if you like.
Where I live is not warm, not cold.
It is always just right.” Said the Tooth Fairy. “So awesome Mr T.” Said Jack. “Will we be gone a long time?” Said Tom.
“No time at all!
But time we must not waste.
You must both hold onto my coat tail.
For we are all in haste.” Said the Tooth Fairy. Tom and Jack grabbed hold of the Tooth Fairies coat tail. The back of his coat suddenly had a face, that said “Pleased to meet you.” The coat tail transformed into two arms, each with a hand, giving a hand shake to Tom and Jack. The face then said “Hold on tight, close your eyes. For the light, it will be bright!” Tom and Jack giggled and looked at each other, then did what the face had told them to do. A cloud of gold dust filled the space they were in, a bright golden light flashed and they disappeared. A moment later the coat tail shook their hands and said “Welcome to the Joyful fountain. Open your eyes, you are in for a big surprise!” “Oh that’s enough coat tail! Who’s show is this anyway?!” Exclaimed the Tooth Fairy, while chasing his tail like a dog. Tom and Jack giggled as they watched the Tooth Fairy. Then pivoting on one foot, he looked at his fob watch and said “Oh would you look at that, its half past two hours ago already!
Time for a tour, so walk steady and you wont end up a lure.”
Tom said “There isn’t any floor or walls or anything!” “Yeah all I can see is white, everywhere!” Said Jack.
“Oh my god!
The joyful fountain reflecting only alba and no joy!” Said the Tooth Fairy as he hopped around the room like a monkey as if to inspect each corner.
“I must adjust the meter, to those on earth.
For we do not see things,
the same here on mearth.” Said the Tooth Fairy, while turning a great big green button hanging in mid air, with his pinkie finger.
“There now, things should be fine and dandy.
This big green button,
is oh so handy.” Said the Tooth Fairy. “Look at this wall Tom. There must be every lollypop and candy Iv ever seen here and more!” Said Jack. Jack was completely overwhelmed by the candy wall, which spanned three metres high and ten metres wide. It had see through draws, filled with every candy known to man, from top to bottom. “Out of this world!” Said Tom.
“On the contrary!
Out of your world.
Here the candy is complimentary.” Said the Tooth Fairy. “Can we try some?” Asked Jack. “Knock yourself out!” Said the Tooth Fairy. They both grabbed two handfuls of candy and stuffed them into their pockets.
“Steady as she goes.
Step on each purple thumb print.
If not, be your legs the colours of rainbows.” Said the Tooth Fairy as he led the way, stepping on purple thumb prints, as big as a giants.
Tom and Jack followed the Tooth Fairy as best they could. Some of the thumb prints were far apart and one was too far for Jack and his legs ended up the colours of the rainbow. Jack jokingly said “This is too much fun!”
“There is no such thing!
On mearth there is only fun.
Mearth is the fun king!” Said the Tooth Fairy. “I was just joking Mr T. I’m having a ball!” Said Jack.

“Let your minds free, to explore!” Said the Tooth Fairy. While Tom was rummaging through millions of little gold nuggets, Jack played on a slippery dip made out of candy. The Tooth Fairy looked up over a very large leather bound book and said “Its time!” A huge bell appeared in mid air, the kind you used to see at the fire station a very long time ago. It rang and it rang.
“Drop everything! A tooth mission is beckoning.
Back to bed, asleep, an hour before you were in bed,
by my reckoning!” Said the Tooth Fairy. “Do we have to go now?” Asked Jack.

“Why yes, it’s a tooth mission!
It’s the teeth, you know.
That gives us permission.” Said the Tooth Fairy. “Can we come back again some time Mr T?” Asked Tom, while juggling two gold nuggets.
“I’m not supposed to let you see, but I cant fight it!
Its my will, you see.
If you put all gold nuggets back, bar one.
Then back, you shall come.” Said the Tooth Fairy. “I bet there’s a whole lot more to see here” Tom said as he picked out his favourite gold nugget. “I bet there is too, I cant wait to come back!” Said Jack.

“Whos that?” Said Jack, pointing at a three metre tall monkey wearing a top hat.
“Oh, he’s one of the monkeys from mars.
When you meet him next time, remember
to bring him some jam in jars.” Said the Tooth Fairy, as he turned the same green button in mid air, with his pinkie finger. Instantly everything disappeared and all they could see was white again. Then the Tooth Fairy said,
“Grab hold of my coat tail.
Back home we shall sail!” Tom and Jack grabbed hold and found themselves on a great big tall ship, with five huge sails and masts, in the middle of a great big ocean. The captain of the ship stood at the wheel. He was the biggest turtle wearing a pirate vest and hat. He stood there steering the ship, muttering to himself, then suddenly pointed to his right and said “Ahoy me hearties, there be fish off starboard!” The Tooth Fairy quickly cast out a fishing line and handed Tom and Jack one fishing rod each.
“If you want to eat.
Then cast a line out.
These waters cant be beat!” Said the Tooth Fairy. Tom and Jack cast out their lines as best they could, with huge smiles on their faces.
“What kind of fish would you like to eat?
Eyes closed, wish hard.
Your wish becomes your treat!” Said the Tooth Fairy. They closed their eyes and made their wish.

The next thing they knew, the sun was shining in their room. It was morning, time to get up and go to school.

To be continued……..




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