Where do I stand??

20 09 2009

Where do I stand in this moment of my life? How did I get to this point in my life? Am I happy with my current situation?

Well the answers i have! 1.I dont know! 2. I dont know. 3. No I’m not happy, I would rather make films and write, for money, than slave away in a factory for pittance! But I shouldnt complain, its a job, is what most people say! Well fuck what most people say, I’m not most people! Its time to live for me. Its time to make moves in the right direction. Its time to put the wrongs to right and change from the same old to the new and improved! …………….But its getting a little late, i need to be up early tomorrow for work. So I’ll satrt tomorrow!

Sometimes this song makes me want to just get up and run away to start another life, or simply just do something for myself!

Thank you Heather Maria for triggering these thoughts from one of your blog posts.




2 responses

30 09 2009

Mmmm … this is a tasty one. And couldn’t agree more. That’s why I try to complete as many of my dreams as possible, regardless of the money or recognition.

Or maybe I’ll just start sleeping more. Dreams are cool.

14 10 2009
Blog my death 2 life.

Yes Jordan that is a healthy state of mind to be in, I like.

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