Pinched nerve has pinched my life!

14 10 2009

I have recently moved house and two days before I moved evrything, I developed a pain in my leg, starting from the base of my back all the way down to my ankle. Since going to the doctor and physiotherapist it seems I have a pinched nerve. Which nerve, you ask?! Oh its only the sciatic nerve, nothing special! So needless to say lifting boxes and furniture was not recommended in my condition. Going to work was the worst decision i could have made, as the factory floor presented a punishing and unforgiving service to spend eight hours on my feet.

So the last two weeks I have spent in pain so great at times that I couldnt sleep. This pinched nerve problem, I would not wish on anyone at all. The karma that would come back to me would clearly knock me off my feet! Hang on, thats exactly what happened,…….I really have done someone a bad turn, I must have, to recieve such bad luck/pain.




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21 10 2009

I once did a number on something in my back (it was when was working on that Writer’s Block art project) and it hurt for weeks on end. Nothing I did helped the pain … I tried all the OTC pain killers and even tried those heat patches. Then, one day–boom–it was gone.

Every once in a while it’ll flare back up again ….

22 10 2009
Blog my death 2 life.

Its a pain that you wouldnt wish on anyone, right?! Many people have told me a similar story to yours, since I got this pinched nerve.

In a way I keep thinking the sciatic nerve is sitting in a really bad position! Almost poor design. It runs in between those hip bones and small tight spots between bone, cartilage, etc, etc. Its a nerve god damn it! Why put a nerve in the middle of hard boney material?

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