Do you walk under ladders?

15 10 2009

Do you walk under ladders?

Do you step on the cracks?

Do you purposely look for black cats crossing your path?

Have you broken a mirror in your life?

Would you like to break a mirror?

Do you believe its bad luck to place your keys on a wooden surface or table?

Do you believe in superstitions?

Are you undecided about superstitions?

If you are, then you believe in superstitions!

I’m just saying!

Personally, I think we make our own luck and its up to ourselves to catch the train on time!




2 responses

21 10 2009

I find myself superstitious about reading this entry. I had to read it three times forward and twice backwards. Then I stood on my head and sang at my toes while wiggling my fingers.

22 10 2009
Blog my death 2 life.

LOL! Excellent Jordan. Now have you had good luck ever since you read this post?

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