35% of my Swedish is wrong!

18 10 2009

Thirty five percent of what I say in the Swedish language is incorrect, or so I have been told by my son-just five minutes ago. I must say that I am very happy with that result and that I will stick with this judgement and I will not be seeking a second opinion. I did not think I would ever learn another language at all in my life, so on the whole its quite positive.

I live in Sweden where my son attends school here in the second grade. All students start learning English as a part of the curriculum from first class. I grew up in Australia where it wasnt compulsory to learn another language at all for me right through school. That being said it was compulsory to study French for one year in year seven, but I could choose not to continue after that, needless to say I did opt out.

My sons English is very fluent partly because I speak English with him and partly because he likes talking. His Swedish is very fluent as well. He is only 8 years old, which makes these accomplishments a great start to a well adjusted mind in the future. For him it has been no challenge whatsoever in English lessons. Which is why he has seperate advanced excersises to work on while the other kids go through the rudamentries of the language. I’m very pleased he is interested now in learning French after school hours. So we will see how he copes. As long as he is interested, I think he will be fine and on the way to multi lingual bliss!

Its a case of history repeating itself I suppose, in that I’m not the first parent to realise my child will grow up to be twice the person I am. I’m just just chuffed I can speak another language 65% correct most of the time I speak it, at the age of 41.

I’m very glad I have a child in these times of changes. America’s first black president, equal rights for men  and women and so on and so on. I could list them but there is a list much longer than my arm, this list of good intentions and push to do the right thing. Not all of them are perfect, but I suppose thats what the road to perfection is all about, trial and error and after all, we are humans trialing and erroring!

The more I hear about President Obama winning the nobel peace prize, the more I am warming to the idea, it is a good one. As my good friend Tripp Hudgens, AKA (AngloBaptist) has said, perhaps it is a prize for America to grow into, an ideal, a calling to wake up and see your mistakes and fulfill this prize of peace. Tonight I see Tripp has posted a side note to Bono’s article “Rebranding America.” in The New York times,

“I did not read this before writing my sermon. Someone from my congregation approached me and said “Your friend Bono said something similar to your sermon in the New York Times this morning. I’ll send it to you.” So, he did.”
It seems they think alike, Bono and Tripp. Bono says America is an idea and through Obama an ideal to look up to, an idea of what the rest of the world wants them to be.

I look forward to hearing more good news on this new and intelligent president the whole world waits on. I also look forward to the news that I want, the news that informs and entertains, Flash News!!! Bought to you by Report Freely.

Thank you for reading, stay what ever you want to be, BC.




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19 10 2009

I think your son has a wonderful Dad, and he has a wonderful son. I remember seeing the video where he demonstrate his talent as a great chef! And he’s got such stage presence. The camera definitely favors him.

We had three years of French in elementary school. There was no choice in the language. It had to be French. Sadly, I don’t remember much. Much later, I studied American sign language for three years at Gallaudet University (then college). The circumstances were different because I was immersed in the company of deaf people all that time, so I retained much more. I rather wish I could remember more French, though.

You’re a great Dad, you know. I can see that.

21 10 2009

“… demonstrate his talent” should have read “demonstrated his talent.” My construction doesn’t bear close examination in any event, but this “mishap” is a mistype.

22 10 2009
Blog my death 2 life.

Hey there Betty. What wonderful things you have said about my son and I, thank you very much.
Yes the camera definitely favors him and he knows exactly where to position himself for best results.
Your mishap, ur ah.. mistype was automatically spell checked in my head, so it read very smoothly.

The sign language is a great thing-more people should learn the basics from a young age. It breaks down barriers.

19 10 2009
Tripp Hudgins

Thanks for this, sir. I hope that your son is kind to you as he shall surpass you in every way! 😉

As Betty said…

22 10 2009
Blog my death 2 life.

No problems Tripp. Yes indeed, I hope he is on the kind side when I am old and senile.

Stay as free as you want, BC.

21 10 2009

To put a button on the thought, I’d just say that it boils down to hope. And while this is an unfortunate call-back to Obama’s campaign slogan, the message runs far deeper.

You’re absolutely right: these are exciting times we live in. Five years ago (less, even) it could be argued that it was anything but. Bush had vetoed legislation that would have enabled government funded stem cell research. How is anyone supposed to look at that and not think that America is against the pursuit of knowledge?

We put a man on the moon in 1969 but in the past few years, the space program has been so drastically underfunded that–aside from any major accomplishments in the exploration of the galaxy–that there will actually be a gap of several years between the upcoming retirement of the current shuttles and the launch of new spacecraft … a period where the US will have to rely on international aide if it expects to have anything to do with anything other than Earth.

In a survey of 36 nations, the United States ranked 18th in a comparison of graduating high school students. And the concept of students in the US learning and being fluent in multiple languages? Ridiculous!

And for the most obvious reflection of how hopeless these times in the United States have become … look no further than television. Unscripted, reality-based programming has exploded. And as much I’d love to blame the networks, it’s still the PEOPLE who watch them. What happened to crafting stories that inspire hope and creativity? When did we even stop caring about our entertainment and simply (and happily) sit and watch whatever is placed in front of us?

The idea of America never went anywhere, but it certainly laid dormant for too long. Perhaps putting a black man in the office of President was the first spark of hope in a black, black period (no pun intended). As much as I don’t agree with the Nobel, perhaps that is a flame for the spark.

22 10 2009
Blog my death 2 life.

Yes Interestingly I am too against the idea of giving the Nobel peace prize to someone who hasnt actually achieved a prize winning peace effort. But as I said earlier have warmed to the hope this seems to suggest.

Australia for around 10 years or so, in the John Howard administration/years, followed precisely what USA had done. Howard was USA’s little bitch, so to speak. They too, took money from education and sunk it into things like defence forces when really if you arm the next generation with knowledge and multi lingual skills, you disarm the urgent, need for guns! Only stands to reason. I never will understand why education funding is cut around budget time, just doesnt make sense.
Yes I think I remember a similar survey some years ago where Australia ranked even worse than 18th.

Yes the unscripted crap on TV-What the fuck is up with so many people accepting and liking this crap?!

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