Freedom is an idea.

19 10 2009

Freedom is an idea that everyone should have access to. The word freedom seems to have taken on connotations of Americanism, not that that is a bad thing. It has an identity outside of the true meaning of the word I suppose.

I’m not in any way casting aspersions on StephStance either, she refers to the song being so American. The song for me by Janis Joplin has always embraced the idea of freedom for anyone and everyone. How it should be! I have always had a feeling of freedom and a tingling in my stomach when listening to this song. This song is so international, its almost impossible to find words to describe it further, other than Freedom.

Thank you for reading, stay free, BC.

Thank you StephStance, for the reminder of Freedom.




4 responses

19 10 2009

Intersting that you would look at it from that perspective.

“Freedom is another word for nothing left to lose” To me, makes it sound like such a desperate thing. If you have nothing left to lose you are not free, rather you are at the mercy of the world.

19 10 2009
Blog my death 2 life.

But If you dont take the chance to do what you want, you have lost that precise opportunity. Its not pre-concieved I have nothing to start with either.

I wrote those words, as they are in Janis Joplin’s song. Didn’t mean to give you the impression I was desperate Jim, LOL!
It could also be argued that one could be totally in control of ones direction, “master of your own direction”-totally free, all decisions are yours, not reliant on others-total freedom! Nothin left to lose-no reliant outside support to lose-now this sounds like a stretch, LOL!

17 11 2009

Many will say they are free, but the litmus test comes when it’s time to stand against oppression and risk losing everything. Who is more free then, the person who loses all that he or she has in order to preserve autonomy, or the person who submits to tyranny in order to retain material wealth?

Until the moment for that decision has passed, and the outcome is personally realized, freedom is an academic discussion

… I think. 😉

17 11 2009

Additionally, I don’t see this as being exclusively American.

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