Christmas in Sweden.

25 12 2009
A yawn that could swollow my little town.

White Christmas.

Good morning and Merry Christmas. I woke up this morning to a phone call from my dear son, wishing me a Merry Christmas.

Strange water, frozen!

Snow cone anyone?

So here in Sweden, tradition says one should celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December. – God Jul till alla! (Merry Christmas to all!) Tradition has it, so it is in my sons mothers family anyway, Christmas breakfast, play in the snow, christmas dinner in late afternoon, then Tomten (Santa Claus) visits, for delivery of presents and a sip of snaps, then continue deliveries.

So kids continue un-wrapping presents while tomten (Santa Claus) walks out the door, into the bitter cold snow and travel with his reindeer’s to the next snow-covered village.

Strange white stuff.

Windy Christmas night.

I was born in Sydney Australia, grew up in Canberra Australia. Christmas time during my childhood consisted of BBQ’s, flip-flops, hats, sunscreen and heat stroke, while playing with the toys I received from family. Nothing like the pictures you see above. Which is where I find myself living, for my sons and my own sake.

Now if I have painted myself as a saint, then I’m sorry but that is a fault of mine, that is never what I intend to do. During this time of year I have tended to get a little introvert/intro-perspective, if there is such a word.

I lost my father on the 18th of December in the early 90’s and ever since then Christmas hasn’t held the same meaning for me.

But its all about my son and how he feels now. Otherwise I could skip Christmas altogether, not worth the hassle, etc, etc! I guess this blog has taken a few tangent roads from its first intentions.

In short, wherever you are, whatever you do, have an enjoyable Christmas!




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