Can a wizard give up magic?!

5 01 2010

What would Harry Potter be going through when  his new years resolution has been to give up magic?! There must be a point in every magic /wizard persons life when magic just gets in the way. Being considered as a genius, magic person in all circles, of life he/she comes in contact with. There must come a stage when they fear they will never be accepted by the general public. Too successful to be accepted by mere mortals.

The longing to be normal, run of the mill, average person must run deep. And with no one to share similar problems with, amongst mortals. I guess this is a very rare case of when being successful can make you feel like an outcast. I could imagine if I was a wizard or warlock, I might resort to creating my exact twin, to argue with myself. Create a challenging opposing point of view. I would probably make this an entertaining moment in my every day life. Problem is more often than not I would relent and use magic to win the argument.

I would also have fun creating scenes and beliefs for mere mortals to toil over. Maybe thats how the mysterious crop circles occurred back in July of 1991 in Germany. It was a bored wizard or witch playing with the general population. Creating evidence beyond belief, out of this world and too damning to argue with. Sitting back and laughing at us while we debate back and forth over how the circles were made by aliens and that no man of this earth could have pulled this off.

I think it would be entertaining playing with the minds of mortals. It’s sure entertaining imagining this anyway!




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