Clarke clocked in.

15 01 2010

Clarke’s normal day.

Clarke clocked in precisely the same time as always. Earlier, on his way to the daily grind, he didn’t unexpectedly witness a robbery at Henderson’s newsagency, on the corner of 5th and Boulevard.
He didn’t, not pay for his fare on the 333 bus, down the Western Thoroughfare.
Clarke thought it completely normal, the same familiar faces of the children playing hand ball in the school yard.
As he stepped off the bus, “Grizzly Bear” asked him for spare change, so he could buy a little extra soup at the soup kitchen.
As usual he gave the hairy homeless man 20 cents before walking down Patterson St, then left on Robertson St, swinging right with a “Top of the morning to you” to Janelle the meter maid. Then walking through the front door of MacGintys  Stationary, his place of employment for 5 years now.
In fact the whole day was incident free! How could this be?! Every single person in Jonestown, excluding Clarke, had the most disastrous day of their lives, on this day, friday 13 of march 2009.  And some even died! But not Clarke!
I too had a disastrous day. It started with a tooth being pulled, followed by, being in the 3rd car of a 5 car pile up on the same thoroughfare, as Clarke’s 333 bus, happened to be on.
Somehow Clarke managed to escape tragedy, on this day. This average man of 43 years, Joe Sebastian Clarke, who holds a clerical position at MacGinty’s Stationary, is a truly blessed man!

End, for now. To be continued.





One response

11 02 2010

Tell Clarke to meet the lady in red at the corner of 16th and Piper. Also tell him to ignore the comically-oversized safe dangling 20 feet above his head.

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