Webcams, the internet show.

1 07 2010

Jordan Krumbine is a name that has been prevalent in my life for several years now. But I have a question for my conscience. And that is, “How can this person be so prevalent in your life, when you haven’t even met the guy?” To that my conscience answers, “Dedication to creativity, with a willingness to support others in their creative goals, All online!”

Jordan Krumbine has re-defined “working together”, when it comes to online projects. Not only is he willing to leave artistic licence to you, in the name of a common goal, he also is willing to give to the community, in order to achieve the very best.

If you haven’t heard of Jordan Krumbine, then you will probably be hearing his name in the near future.
Scripted shows are his game. The written word, is where he comes from and a well scripted show usually with a funny punchline is what drives the message home.
Among many, I speak of his latest success “Webcams” the internet show.

If you are willing to write something from your own head, Jordan is willing to review and if it has potential, turn it into a script, Seinfeld would be proud of. If you have a hankering for acting and a decent webcam or cam, you too could be a part of Webcams. This is a series that has more versatility than a triathlete. More valuable lessons in a comedic punchline than Happy Days, above all its entertaining.
The musically inclined have a say into the final product as well. Every episode there is a 20 second song chosen from those submitted to help carry it to greatness.

I am honoured to be a part of “Webcams” and glad to contribute in the future.

In the words of Krumbine “Stay creative”


Creativities hub!




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