Like recieving flowers?

9 10 2010

Ladies, do you like the idea of receiving flowers from complete strangers? While it’s not common in the western world for males to receive flowers, it has a complimentary gesture. Kinda makes you feel good about yourself, might even make you smile for the rest of the day.
While listening to a radio talk back podcast from Australia, in which they conducted an experiment of a man offering to buy women, who are complete strangers some flowers. Now admittedly in this context it did have a creepy undertone to it, but by enlarge there was positive reactions from the ladies and it was agreed on that those who felt positive about it, were secure and confident within themselves and in fact in a relationship. Anyway I digress and I kind of went down the wrong path. You see I received a shout out from someone on You Tube along with other people, some of whom I collaborate with on You Tube. What has this got to do with flowers you ask. Well in a way I likened this shout out by Melissa Gott as a bunch of flowers. It made me smile for the rest of the day.
The shout out was titled “Greats”. It was such a thoughtful and nice thing to do and well, an ego booster to say the least. Now I don’t consider myself great, you are only as good as your last film, blog, story, book, artwork or whatever you dabble or obsess over as a vocation. Anyway click on the links below and show Melissa some love.

Melissa Gott on YouTube

This has been a blog from my mind to yours, calling on you to show some love to Melissa Gott.

Stay creative, Ben.




One response

9 10 2010

Great blog, and yes, I’ve long wondered why men don’t ever receive flowers. It’s a damn shame, is what it is!

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