Haven’t blogged for a while

3 11 2010

I haven’t blogged in this blog for nearly a month now. I feel a little guilty for that. Really I don’t know why, or I should say I do know why. It’s one of those “Promises I have made to myself to post regularly here and haven’t followed through with guilt trips”. Really I’m over it now. There will be more blogs on the first drafts that made it to the final cuts of webcams in the future. They have ground to a halt because of laptop problems.

Update: HP laptop decided not to recognize the DVD drive around April this year. I got by without using it and now about two weeks ago the sound just drops out. Relying heavily on video medium as a source of creativity has really upped the anti on my proactiveness. This problem sometimes
consumes me and after a few hours struggling through troubleshooting, recovery manager and reinstalling driver software, I’m back at square one. Up shit creek without a paddle, or a laptop without sound and a DVD drive. This routine I have carried out in varying detail and ways, more than several times. So I decided to hand my laptop over to Rune, a friend of mine. I’m hoping his knowledge and expertise will rub off on the gods of all things laptopish. I also have a feeling it might be dusty in the inner workings of the laptop. It has been easily overheating.
Whether that makes it overheat and affect the graphic and sound card I don’t know.
Fairly important for me to get this laptop fixed within the next couple of days as I am involved in the “One day on Earth” project, which is due on the 10th November. The idea is to film anything you like on the 24 hours of 10/10-10. I filmed and interviewed a friend during the preparations of the Elk hunting season, which started on 11/10-10 here in Sweden, just a day after filming. You upload your film and the organizers pick the best films from around the world to make a feature length film, a sort of world diary for that day.
The other important project I need to edit is the Indiana Jones film we shot with my son and his friends back in October. We try to make at least one film with the kids each year. They get a real buzz out of shooting and watching the final product.

I have been enjoying the writing process in webcams format and found myself working on more than one script at a time. That is not something I like doing because it inevitably means I drop the ball completely on one or all of them.
As for subjects to write about, I like to keep a variety of themes going. I listen to many podcasts and read news fed to
My iPhone regularly. The research into subjects is initially to give my characters a little depth. I think it’s important for some of the characters to know about the core subject of every, on average 5 to 7 minute episode. In fact I am listening to a podcast right now called “Beer Sessions”. All about craft beers. I think I might centre a script around this episode. It’s all about malts and the malting process. I used to brew my own beer back in the 90’s and never knew too much about the malt process. Malt was something you just bought to add flavor and character to your home brew. Turns out its quite an important process in a great tasting beer.

Well that’s all from me and it’s bye from me.




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