Adsense denied, but Partner Approved

19 01 2011

I just had to make a vlog on this subject as a last-ditch effort for information that might help my application for an Adsense account go forward instead of standing still.
So I have been accepted as a partner for YouTube, but Adsense has denied my application for an account on the grounds of domain ownership. It clearly says please make a separate page on your website stating you own the website, then re apply, but if you are applying through the YT partnership please apply through the emails you receive from YT. So they seem to have gotten it wrong, going by the rules they laid out. So now they denied my second application on the same grounds and consequent other applications.
Being on the forum in the hope to find out more info hasn’t helped either, but I did learn that the only way an Adsense Pro will look at your account is if a partner talks to the Adsense Pro about your dilemma , then they fix it so you can go forward with your application.

I am sorry Victor (gimmeabreakman) if I seemed too intense when I asked you for some advice, it has dominated my time and the only way it will free me up is if it is solved or I just give up. At this stage I will not give up, but the frustrating thing is I haven’t had any tangible answers as to why and what to do next.

Some people on the forum in the exact same situation as me have had their account move forward after an Adsense Pro looked at their account application. Seems as though they cancelled their first application that was denied so that the next application can be considered. Apparently you are not considered for an account with one already denied and you aren’t allowed two accounts. It would be so much easier and make sense if you could talk to someone directly from Adsense about the next steps to be taken, but sadly that does not seem to be the case.

I really would appreciate any help that is thrown my way. If you know what I should do or can try to get this Adsense account accepted, please don’t hesitate in suggesting what can be done,
Kind regards Ben.




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