Pouring some sugar on the love

22 01 2011

Recently I had been approved for partnership on YouTube and since then I have been stuck in the middle without an AdSense account. Without this AdSense account I am like a dog without a bone, not complete. Its like I have the right to be a dog, but I have to tone it down, because without the bone I may as well be a cat. So who out there hears a small cat meowing, hissing and raising his back hairs with complaints? Well these three people whom I call colleagues made a video in support for me to raise that all elusive AdSense account high in the air and chant “We are the champions, my friend. And we’ll keep on fighting till the end”. So while I have the full confidence this will happen, it hasn’t happened yet, but my friends are in my corner raising awareness and fighting the fight. Thank you so much guys, I am officially pouring the sugar on the love. You guys rock!!!
MattyHo07 and Chris LeBrane acting naturally!

Great episode of the “Beanie Boy Show” from krumbine.




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