Picks of great pic’s through instagr.am filters

29 03 2011




The squirrels have been very busy over the last two weeks up and down selected pine trees. This one pine amongst the white snow fascinated me and has such beauty in the snow surrounding it.

The sun has always been a great attraction for me in photos and playing with foreground gives an otherwise normal scene such beauty. The filter used in this photo intensifies the light and darkness at the same time. It’s actually taken in the middle of the day.

Another foreground to the sun for me is the fantastic sheets of ice that slowly slide off of roofs in winter here in Sweden.


Photo’s I want to share.

24 03 2011






This light in the middle of darkness is my take on the closest the moon has been to the earth in 18 years, as of 18th of March 2011. About 10pm at night. Although it doesn’t look it, but I can honestly say it was magnificently brighter and larger than usual.

The tracks of the animal that passed this way a few days earlier couldn’t have a better background than it has here.
I captured a beautiful spring afternoon at the rocks on the edge of a lake, where boats used to be tied up regularly, summertime. I pass this lake every day to and from work. The environment here is beautiful.
The beautiful contrasts in the textures and colours of this micro environment stops me in my tracks. Some will say it’s just a rock on the edge of a frozen lake that happens to have moss and lichen on it, but I know they are wrong.

Playing around with photo editing!

31 12 2010

Ice Octopus!

So handy to have the iPhone cam at hand.

Sunset Skr├Ąddartorp.

Good night Grythyttan sun.

Santa blocking my moves!

Savy Santa knows his Tic-Tac-Toe!

The point of this blog post is to, …I don’t know really, but I am so fascinated with the perfect shot on the spot, where ever I may be at the time and the use of filters built into my phone via apps is awesome. And the sharability, if there is such a word is mind blowing, going out to facebook, tumblr and twitter in a second. I am a relative new comer to photoshop via Adobe, but I must say it is very awesome! Through Adobe I think I may be able to achieve the right size for uploading to http://www.tailcast.com/ in order to make my photo’s into cards, gift cards and the like.

The film I shot to suit Dusty’s music is here

He has such awesome trippy instrumentals and he makes them available for download to use free in your videos. He asks for attribution to the work by links

My character playing Santa in Tic-Tac-Toe

Ought to get a little better at Tic-Tac-Toe

Happy New Year to you all, Ben.

Webcams, the internet show.

1 07 2010

Jordan Krumbine is a name that has been prevalent in my life for several years now. But I have a question for my conscience. And that is, “How can this person be so prevalent in your life, when you haven’t even met the guy?” To that my conscience answers, “Dedication to creativity, with a willingness to support others in their creative goals, All online!”

Jordan Krumbine has re-defined “working together”, when it comes to online projects. Not only is he willing to leave artistic licence to you, in the name of a common goal, he also is willing to give to the community, in order to achieve the very best.

If you haven’t heard of Jordan Krumbine, then you will probably be hearing his name in the near future.
Scripted shows are his game. The written word, is where he comes from and a well scripted show usually with a funny punchline is what drives the message home.
Among many, I speak of his latest success “Webcams” the internet show.

If you are willing to write something from your own head, Jordan is willing to review and if it has potential, turn it into a script, Seinfeld would be proud of. If you have a hankering for acting and a decent webcam or cam, you too could be a part of Webcams. This is a series that has more versatility than a triathlete. More valuable lessons in a comedic punchline than Happy Days, above all its entertaining.
The musically inclined have a say into the final product as well. Every episode there is a 20 second song chosen from those submitted to help carry it to greatness.

I am honoured to be a part of “Webcams” and glad to contribute in the future.

In the words of Krumbine “Stay creative”


Creativities hub!

The grains of my thoughts.

4 08 2009

The grains of my thoughts, lie
on the tracks of creation.
The entity of tradition forms myths,
burnt in the stars.
Once every lunar cycle,
the creation locamotive is struck.
The stain of after-burn,
scrapes into the paint of the cargo carriages.
Rust never forms on lost paint.
Forever creating new shades of locamotion.
What will be, will be!
Burning on the tracks of creation.

Dream carrier.

Dream carrier.

Art on the internet.

16 04 2008

The traditionalist will probably say no there is no place for art on the internet. But literally right in front of our eyes there is new forms of art being invented and honed. Traditional oils are being exhibited on the internet with a digital twist-video art.
Producing high quality video is becoming very accessable to the average joe. Possibilities are endless. I for one am not a stuffy nosed traditionalist-i support art on the internet.

I say more power to you for getting creative ORIGINAL works out there on the interwebs.