Photo’s I want to share.

24 03 2011






This light in the middle of darkness is my take on the closest the moon has been to the earth in 18 years, as of 18th of March 2011. About 10pm at night. Although it doesn’t look it, but I can honestly say it was magnificently brighter and larger than usual.

The tracks of the animal that passed this way a few days earlier couldn’t have a better background than it has here.
I captured a beautiful spring afternoon at the rocks on the edge of a lake, where boats used to be tied up regularly, summertime. I pass this lake every day to and from work. The environment here is beautiful.
The beautiful contrasts in the textures and colours of this micro environment stops me in my tracks. Some will say it’s just a rock on the edge of a frozen lake that happens to have moss and lichen on it, but I know they are wrong.


On a hot summer night, the sun don’t shine.

30 01 2010

Corporate- On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red and white logo?

Public- Will he offer me his mouth?

Corporate- Yes.

Public- Will he offer me his teeth?

Corporate- Yes.

Public- Will he offer me his Jaws?

Corporate- Yes.

Public- Will he offer me his hunger?

Corporate- Yes.

Public- Again. Will he offer me his hunger?

Corporate- Yes!

Public- And will he starve without me?

Corporate- Yes!!

Public- Then does he love me?

Corporate- Yes.

Public- Yes.

Corporate- On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red and white logo?

Public- Yes.

Corporate- I bet you say that to all the boys.

Public- How dare you! Stick your red and white logo where the sun don’t shine!

Way better than TV!

27 11 2009

So who watches TV anymore? I know that I feel guilty for not using my mind and sitting in front of the box, being stupified into comfortably numbness, for the longest time now.
Why turn on the idiot box when you can turn the internet on, create, collaborate and have fun with people from all over the world. Theres where the inspiration is!

Some real viable entertainment is out there being produced free of charge. Its exciting, all you have to do is put your hand up and people will work with you on inspired ideas-Turn an idea into real entertainment. Ten  to fifteen years ago, this sort of thing was just a dream someone dreamt. Now its reality.

Music is being produced just waiting and begging to be inserted into something creative. Best thing of all its skills being given to other skills to put together as entertainment, payment is, more exposure. No money has been exchanged between all whom are working on an idea.

No wonder the big entertainment companies want to limit what you can see free on the internet. These days if you see it on TV, then its second hand. It was hot when it was viewed online!

Just today I made a discovery referred to me by FAB-Fataussiebarstard of youtube. A channel called Jimmy Hook. He has a real knack of telling a story and has put together a series that spans 14 episodes so far. It features youtube account holders who want to be a part of something creative. Let me tell you, it is creative and very well done.

So the next time you go to turn the TV on, do yourself a favor, turn to the internet instead and dust off those creative aspirations. Get involved!!

Thanks for reading and checking out my blog. Stay creatively you, BC.

PS. Here is one chick who inspires me every time she performs, Mysti Mayhem.