Local Artists Ask The Question

24 07 2012


You hear it all of the time…Support your local talent. The support they get is sometimes the the push they get to keep performing their art in public. What you don’t hear all the time is the question local artists ask themselves, “Can I go full time?” When is the time artists ask themselves “Can I pursue my passion full time?” In truth they probably ask themselves that all the time. The real question would have to be, when is it they answer the question with “Yes I can!”.

David Christopher has answered this question with “Yes I can”, quite some years ago now. I had the privilege of witnessing two of his live gigs here in Canberra very recently. One at King O’Malleys in Civic Canberra and the other at A Bite To Eat in Chifley shops Canberra.


So as an audience member I felt honoured to be supporting such local talent. As a whole, a bunch, a hungry mob of fans insatiably devouring entertainment like its their last meal, are we giving enough back to the local talent we so love to listen to and watch? Personally I don’t think so. Yes Okay, the artists get immediate feedback through their live gigs and if you could live off praise alone I dare say that would be the most satisfying job in the world. Its so easy now to enjoy entertainment for free. I think the onus has come back onto the audience to give back to the artist. So how do we do that? Sharing has become easy and like breathing these days too and in a way we do help the artists by face-booking, twittering and the like to our friends. We can go further and the options are a natural next step, like buying CD’s or paying for and downloading their music. I know in my mind there is a nagging moral question in the back of my mind when I am a member of the hungry audience enjoying the nights performance. “How can I give back to this artist whom has entertained me so well tonight?”

David Christopher dropped his latest single this year in May 2012. The lyrics were written by Michael Lee and music composed and performed by David Christopher. A great combination melded together by these two artists sees the birth of a great song.

I had the honour of producing a music video to this single and in a way, my way of giving back to some truly talented artists. I like giving back in this way as I get to creatively express myself using their talent to promote their talent. Can only be good, when done right.

The Light In Me


So I say give back and rock on!

David Christopher https://www.facebook.com/davidchristopherspace

Michael Lee http://bmsadventure.blogspot.com.au/



Anonymity versus recognition?!

24 01 2010

Picking around on a piece of ground in my home town. Waiting for something or someone to show me the way. Unfortunately thats what I generally do. Instead of going out there and creating my world and future.

Slept in late in the morning saturday and sunday. Before these mornings I had stayed up late on the internet, kidding myself my online presence was in some way of any kind of substance and real. In truth its only holding a reality that turns into a forgotten html code as quickly as it is posted.

I had to use this verse from Pink Floyd’s song, in the beginning of this post, because one-I’m trying to learn how to play the song on guitar and two-I’m so anonymous, it doesn’t matter!

Have a great day,


Clarke clocked in.

15 01 2010

Clarke’s normal day.

Clarke clocked in precisely the same time as always. Earlier, on his way to the daily grind, he didn’t unexpectedly witness a robbery at Henderson’s newsagency, on the corner of 5th and Boulevard.
He didn’t, not pay for his fare on the 333 bus, down the Western Thoroughfare.
Clarke thought it completely normal, the same familiar faces of the children playing hand ball in the school yard.
As he stepped off the bus, “Grizzly Bear” asked him for spare change, so he could buy a little extra soup at the soup kitchen.
As usual he gave the hairy homeless man 20 cents before walking down Patterson St, then left on Robertson St, swinging right with a “Top of the morning to you” to Janelle the meter maid. Then walking through the front door of MacGintys  Stationary, his place of employment for 5 years now.
In fact the whole day was incident free! How could this be?! Every single person in Jonestown, excluding Clarke, had the most disastrous day of their lives, on this day, friday 13 of march 2009.  And some even died! But not Clarke!
I too had a disastrous day. It started with a tooth being pulled, followed by, being in the 3rd car of a 5 car pile up on the same thoroughfare, as Clarke’s 333 bus, happened to be on.
Somehow Clarke managed to escape tragedy, on this day. This average man of 43 years, Joe Sebastian Clarke, who holds a clerical position at MacGinty’s Stationary, is a truly blessed man!

End, for now. To be continued.