Talent taken for granted.

Looking for talented people? There is a tonne of talent out there on the interwebs!

It is so easy to take it for granted, everywhere you turn there is original talent screaming in stereo. Take for instance, when i log into you tube & one of the people im subscribed to “heidisaid” has posted a video. i watch & im entertained. Great music most of the time & heidi uses her charm & honesty with the camera very well.

I watched another of her videos the other day & the music id heard before, & it hit me, it just spoke to me. He plays the guitar & sings. His voice is an instrument along with the guitar. I say this in a complete hetero way.

Its just an example of one of those talents i have previously taken for granted. But not anymore, the artist im talking about is “voodoou20two”.

Another of the very talented people im subbed to is “babyporridge”, a while ago she performed to another talent “anaker00”, she sang with footage of a song he performed. cool!

Very inspirational people. Along with their personal lives they have commitments just like everybody else, where do they find the time to be so inspirational?


2 responses

27 07 2008

very nice sounding…i like the voices and the violin fills out the sound nicely…

11 05 2009

I am not sure.
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