Little brown shoes=peace & connecting the world.

13 05 2008

What do little miniature brown shoes have to do with bringing the world together & peace you ask?

Well you could watch this video from youtube and get your answer there. I think its a wonderful idea. The shoes in question were made around 1910 for kalacaw’s (betty) father, who was born in 1903. Now his father made them for him. These little shoes are one of the most important things left in betty’s family. This is an absolutely wonderful gesture to invite people to partake in custodianship of these hand crafted beauties. Travelling around the world is high on the agenda for these shoes. But peace & bringing people together is the impetous for this project.

There is already five videos made on these little shoes & all have done this cause proud. Anyone who is interested in taking part in this travelling adventure need only ask betty, & she will put you on the list to be considered.

Below is an excerpt from kalacaws (betty) blog on wordpress.

“It occurs to me that these shoes are the only things I have that are truly “passed down” things. My Dad was very specific about this. That fleeting thought, “How can I do this?” shakes me a little. “How can I let these shoes leave my hands, to destinations yet unknown!?” I’ve nothing left of family but memories and things, and now I’m letting go the most important of the lot. Then I thought of all the people who would hold those little shoes in their hands. They would know I loved them very much to do this. They are the reason I’m doing this. It’s the biggest thing I can think to do. After remembering that, I’m comforted. I know I’ve done the right thing. And my Dad would have loved this.”




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