Good or bad working conditions?

29 05 2008

I have been unhappy with my working conditions in my present job. I stay working there because of the flexibility & closeness to home & my sons school. So really, for those reasons i shouldnt really be putting up with dangerous conditions.

When i say dangerous, i mean potentially long term illness or injury. The owner of this factory, simply does not want to fork out money to improve conditions for us in the factory, period! It is an old factory with very bad uneven concrete floors, machinery is outdated, some of them by at a guess 50 years. The factory floor section is not insulated & in winter it can get down below zero inside, we are situated in sweden. I dont need to spell out that the temperature level alone is illegal, along with a whole list of other conditions.

I myself have been injured from repetative, heavy work, that could have been avoided. Then to my surprise plans were to improve this situation. Now from memory, im not certain but it took a year after announcing the plans for improvement, to do a test product, for one of our customers to test. Now that was a couple of years ago & nothing has been improved on this particular problem/product. I asked the other day “what happened with the plans to improve”. Turns out out the customer doesnt want to accommadate us with new product testing. So thats it! No improvement for us on factory floor & no official word from the boss about it. He just lets it go & is prepared to change worn out staff for new ones.

So after hearing this news, i asked our union representative “is there anything the union can do on this matter”. He answered me with a cold, straight out “no, there isnt”. Now i dont need to tell anyone with half a brain that this is just plain, lazy, apathetic & down right irresponsible of the union rep to not even enquire with the union on this matter. Speaking of the union being aware of matters, they know of the illegal cold conditions of the factory during winter. They have come to the factory, talked with us, talked with the owner & still no improvement on the legal side of temperature inside the factory has been met.

I am totally disgusted in the way things are run here in sweden, when it comes to law & improving work conditions, full stop!




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