Its simple from where i sit.

24 06 2008

Chrysler Listens! Chrysler are running an add competition open to the public. The theme is to show them your space of inspiration, relaxation or what ever makes you tick. They want inspiration for the design of a car.

I decided to join in on the fun. So i submitted a film just over three minutes long. Then i went over the rules a little more in depth and realised i had made my film a little over a minute too long.

So i edited the film to a liitle over two minutes, thinking they will allow it. Its only nine seconds over. But sadly they said i needed to edit the film for time and resubmit. The deadline was only a matter of hours away.

When i submitted i recieved a message saying you have reached the limit of videos you can submit. I thought i had been fucked, screwed, i felt cheated. So i sent two emails with the video under two minutes attached displaying my dissapointment. To my surprise when i awoke this morning, there was a message from Chrysler saying they have entered my video for me.

I finally could breathe a sigh of relief, over a video entered into a competition, that will probably be arbitrary anyway! But i feel better for having my artistic work being accepted by someonelse. I feel i have acheived something, its not much, but its something.

I think my video has been compromised now, for speeding up the film in order to reduce run time. This was the quickest way to edit as i was approaching the eleventh hour of deadline.

If you like my video and are inclined to vote for it, the voting has begun as of 24 june. Feel free to go along and vote for my video on the link  click on vote button & type benzone50, click that vid then vote. My username is benzone50. You can also  click on the video url below, to watch. peace to you all, ben.  this is direct to my vid.  this is direct to chryslerlistens channel  where you can vote.




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